Posted on May 21st, 2013

Lisa Marie Fernandez khaki bikini, Karen Walker Anytime sunglasses, Invisible Zinc, Sambag sandals

Currently hanging about in the villa preparing to do a day trip down to Uluwatu on the southern part of the Island. Essential packing includes my Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini which I can not recommend more, its just really flattering! I have only packed two bikinis, this one and another black one from Zimmermann. Both are perfect for tanning... which is definitely high on the agenda!

In Review

Posted on September 16th, 2012

j crew
apict2012-09-15_06-30-52-PM (1)

Since I was doing so much and seeing so many things in New York I had to take lots of snaps to remember everything. Here are a few of the highlights and most memorable moments.

1. sunset looking at Manhattan from the Whythe Hotel in Williamsburg
2. Me in our first apartment in Soho
3. J crew Presentation. Loved this show! The colours, prints and textures were gorgeous and you just walk away feeling so happy.
4. Roof of the empire hotel
5. Waffle at Cafe Gitane in Soho. This is a MUST.
6 & 7 . Georgia May Jagger for Sunglass Hut event. She is stunning and the new face of their latest campaign. Turns out she is also an artist so they ad lots of her work up on the walls.
8. Me in a cute Zimmermann playsuit in the West Village. This is my favourite part of town, as its so leafy and relaxed.
9. Geneva's gorgeous Coach hat and my Benah bag.
10. Diesel Black and Gold show. The style of this show was right up my ally -lots of leather and mesh detailing. They also had apaif of jeans with a neon cuff at the bottom, so cool.
11. Watermelon juice from the Chelsea Markets.Everyone seems to be very big into the watermelon juice here. It's either that, cucumber or straight OJ. WEIRD.
12. Bryant Park
13. Giant pretzel in Williamsburg
14. Washington State Park
15. Williamsburg street art
16. Selfies in the mirror wearing a Zara dress and Jeffrey Campbell boots 17. Chipotle drink. This place has really delicious Mexican, kind of comparable to Guzman in Australia... but better
18. Williamsburg walls
19. Barney's Window display featuring real fish swimming amongst the shoes

- Taken with my Nokia Lumia using Apict app -

On Top

Posted on September 13th, 2012

Nicole and I popped over to the Shopbop Headquarters earlier today to meet the team while we were still both in town.
After having a quick tour we went up their rooftop (yes they have a rooftop in their office - super jealous!) and of course Nicole and I had to have a photo!

- Photo taken on my Nokia Lumia -

You Rock My World

Posted on September 4th, 2012

new york, lunch, west village, harper and harley
new york, magnolia bakery, harper and harley
new york,stoop, harper and harley
new york, Sandro, harper and harley
new york, christian louboutin, harper and harley
new york, top rock, harper and harley

Kahlo tank, Oroton bra, Dion Lee skirt, Nick Campbell sunglasses, Benah bag, Cali/Cale sandals & Nokia Lumia

Today was my first full day in New York, and boy, did I squeeze a lot in! Although I know I really don't have to as i'm going to be here for three more weeks (I've extended my stay!) I just know that the time I have with Nicole, Jess and Marg will fly because of the craziness of fashion week, so its nice to spend the time with them before the girls head over to Europe, and I go back to full time work.

A quick rundown goes something like this...

11am: Nicole and I head off for a little shop around Broadway in Soho (Zara, Topshop, Victoria's Secret, Bloomingdales, Sephora et al.)
2pm: meet up with Jess where we then head off to the West Village.
3pm: We sat down for lunch at Lievito then picked up a Magnolian Bakery cupcake, or two, and ate them on a stoop Sex and the City style!
4pm: I picked up the most amazing white leather and cotton Sandro jacket on Bleeker and Bank.
5pm: The girls and I met up with Amber from Reward Style and headed to Barney's for some good ol shoe shopping! And yes, I completely splurged on a pair of Christian Louboutin heels Lady Max heels... whoops!
7pm: We ate dinner at Alfreda on 49th and 5th (Italian) with all the girls, before completely crashing!