Posted on January 27th, 2014

What's your style? Its kind of like asking, whats your personality? We all kind of know, but can become lost in the hype of dressing for occasions, dressing for other people and buying into what everyone else is telling you to buy.

We all have a our tipping point and I found mine when a couple of seasons ago it seemed like a rainbow literally threw up on the street style scene, it pushed me over the edge. I can't wear what these other girls are wearing and pull it off. I feel awkward, uncomfortable and simply, not me. On the other hand I have friends that suit colour, their personality glows and they look absolutely stunning.

Once I made the decision that colour wasn't for me it instantly gave me clarity. The first step was going through my current wardrobe and I donated or sold almost everything. Its like going on a diet, you first have to get rid of all the junk food to give yourself a fighting chance to stick to your new resolution. When I go shopping I cull at least 50% of a store. Its like I have permanent blinkers on. Picking up only black, white, grey and then my exceptions; khaki, denim and camel.

I would love to hear of your own style journeys, even if they aren't colour based like mine. We're all on a journey and its nice to share and talk to others about finding yourself through what you wear.


Posted on January 23rd, 2014

One of the tools to help me find new outfit inspiration is Pinterest. I'm sure a lot of you use this, but for me it hasn't really been one of my top social media platforms, as to be honest its hard to keep up with them all! But now I love PINTERST! I use it to work out what key items i'm missing in my wardrobe. For example, the top left image of the wonderful Géraldine Saglio (who I take a lot of fashion cues from) made me realise I dont have a plain khaki t-shirt, so I hunted one down (found here) and now I can recreate her outfit!

Do you do this too? Would love to hear how you find inspiration on what to buy and how to wear it!

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Posted on September 12th, 2013

By the looks of things the crop top isn't going anywhere anytime soon with every second model at NYFW showing off their belly button! I'm not a fan of going the full belly (but perhaps if I was as teeny tiny as these girls then perhaps I would!) as I prefer showing just the top abs as this area is much easier to keep toned! I'm not big into 'trends' as you can probably tell, simply put I like the staples, but the cropped top if done right can be amazing and give you new lines and proportions, long legs being one of them!

Wear them with high waist skirts or pants, and even throw a jacket over the top to keep yourself modest with then that hint of skin... now thats sexy!

Here are a few good styles I've come across for your perusal...

Torn by Ronny Kobo, Helmut lang, Asos, Asos, Topshop

Image from Grazia via Oracle Fox