Posted on February 3rd, 2014

First thing first, Zanita is a genius.

Secondly, and I hope you find just as interesting, lets talk brows. I went far too long thinking that filling in my eyebrows was an optional extra. I now put my eyebrows as one of my most important beauty steps. I would rather walk out of the house with no foundation than without my brows done.

What you'll need to get started is a little set of varying browns like this one from Napoleon perdis and Benefit or if you have an eye pallet with these tones they work just as well. The only crucial thing to keep in mind is to avoid anything with shimmer. A sparkly eyebrow doesn't a natural look make!

I firstly prepare my skin with my moisturiser and foundation, then before I move onto setting my face with powder the eyebrows are next, as the shadow holds much better when there is a bit of moisture for it to hold onto. It also helps if you need to correct any mistakes along the way.

Brush the brows up to open them up and see what you're working with. I prefer a spoolie brush like this one rather than brow brush as its also helps to work the shadow through your brows later on, but whatever you feel more comfortable with. Then with an angled brush slowly add the powder to your brows. I personally go with quite a dark shade as I have darker features, but its best to start light then mix with the dark to create your perfect shade.

Fill in any gaps to start with, then follow the guide below to create the most flattering arch. Using the edge of your nose as the starting point you should be able to draw a vertical line straight up to the start of your brow. Then the highest part of the arch is the invisible line from the nose and through your iris, leaving you with the nose to end the outer edge of your eye to work out where your brow's tail should end. My brows end a little short, so I try to add a little more shadow here to fake a longer end and avoid plucking this area as much as possible.

The most notable area is the head of the brow, if we're talking heads and tails. I like to make the bottom of this quite flat and straight and then make a right angle shape rather than create rounded lines, I find its more clean and polished.

When you're done take your spoolie and brush your brows up and out and work the powder through the hairs if you've gone a little heavy. It helps to keep things as even as possible.

Let me know your brow tails, would love to hear if you have any extra advice on the matter!

Photos by Zanita


Posted on September 25th, 2013

My next instalment for Witchery's blog the W Edit is now up, with me dishing the dirt on my beauty rules and an insight into an average day in my shoes.

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Posted on February 24th, 2013

MAC 'Morange' lipstick

This Morange lipstick by MAC has got to be one of the best colours I've come across. Its a gorgeous Orange-Red lip that really pops and was recommended by one of my fav makeup artists Merton when I was in Broome last year. Its so hard to find a good lip, so when one comes recommended you kind of have to pounce. So if you have an orange/red lip gap in your makeup bag and want something to instantly pick you up for under $40 then this colour is one to definitely try!


Posted on February 17th, 2013

Taking the natural tone to a more illuminated place you can easily create this look in under 5 minutes! Being a busy girl this might also be the reason I love these easy regimes, as quite frankly I just don't have the time.

What you need: 1. Facial oil. I'm using bio-oil right now, but I also suggest rosehip oil.
2. Concealer. I'm using YSL Touche Eclat 3. Illuminater. Can't go passed NARS The Multiple stick in Copacabana 4. Liquid eyeliner. I'm using Stila Stay all Day in Black

OIL. Start with a clean face and apply the facial oil so your skin is nice and soft. Don't go too overboard as just a few drops of these products go a long way and you'll be adding more oil later.

CONCEAL. Use your concealer to do a few touch ups where needed (under and around the eyes and any other minor issues) but this shouldn't be used like a foundation, its just to take the edge off!

ILLUMINATE. Put some facial oil on the top of your hand and rub your illuminator stick next to it. Combine the two to create an oily shiny palette thats quite a light shine, not too heavy. Smooth into the skin all over the face. Add your oil and illuminator together again, this time creating a slightly heavier illuminated combination and apply where you want the light to touch the most - cheek bones, nose, forehead.

LINE. Bring the eye out by using your liquid eyeliner and filling in your lash line. I'm not creating a thick line but instead creating the appearance of thicker lashes by dotting in between the base of the lashes where needed.

And you're done!

Also wearing: MANIAMANIA equinox upper finger ring


Posted on January 28th, 2013

Grown Alchemy lip balm, OPI nailpolish in Bubble Bath
Lover lace dress, Claire Aristides bracelet.

This summer I've decided to ditch the foundation. I work in an office all day and in the end it's barely on my face anyway, as well as with the humid weather we've had I would rather be bare than risk it clogging up my pores. Don't get me wrong, I love makeup and admit there was a time I could never leave the house without it due to having terrible acne in my teens. But since those days are behind me (amen to that!) I'm putting more effort into highlighting my other features and letting my skin take a nice big breath!

So what do I do instead? I make sure my brows are nicely filled in and sweep on some liquid eyeliner, currently using Stilla which I'm really liking, and of course a coat or two of mascara. To keep the dewy natural look going a little bit of lip balm goes a long with with Grown Alchemy in a yummy watermelon flavour.