Style Of Choice

Posted on March 11th, 2012

Left to right: Gorman, Tony Bianco, Tony Bianco and Zara
I turned 23 last week, and I guess with age comes clarity.. for me right now it's my style. If you've been following for a while you may have already figured it out, but now it's really clicked that since I know my aesthetic I can really edit my wardrobe down to those key pieces that I know fit into it and only bring in new items that add some value.
My art teacher in high school said that a well put together piece is made up of three colours, if you add any more you're likely to run into the trouble of having too much going on, with the eye not knowing where to go. It's funny how things like that stick in your head, and i've taken that advice into my outfits.
Anyway, without rambling on for too long the shoe of choice right now that fits the above is the simple across toe and ankle strap heel. Supportive and simply chic.
Celine and Alexander Wang are on board so why not you?
Oh and I had to include this pic of Elin Kling in her Tibi ones... just to sum up in case you still weren't convinced.