Posted on July 29th, 2014

Proenza Schouler leather jacket, Camilla and Marc white cami, J Brand Jeans, Celine boots, Givenchy bag

There are a few things that have been on my ‘should buy’ list for a while, but have found it difficult to find the style that I’m after. The cami falls into this category. For numerous reasons that range from being the wrong colour, too sheer, can’t wear a bra (why do they do this to us?), unflattering cut or embellished with the most random things, which I think that’s my least favourite. Tricking you into thinking you have found the most amazing item and then turning it around and realising there is a big sequinned bow on the back. Cue my shudder.

This Camilla and Marc cami ticks my, what sounds like now, arm length of criteria. So much so I also had to get it in black as well. I’ll show you how I styled that one shortly!

Photos by Nicole Cooper


Posted on July 27th, 2014

Acne pencil skirt, Isabel Marant knit, Joie heels, Jill Sander pouch, Saint Laurent charm bracelet, Balenciaga Perfum

Coming back from holidays and realising that winter still isn't over is a little heartbreaking. You need to try to make yourself excited again to cover up and embrace the chill. I think a woollen skirt could be a perfect way to see off winter. Think of it as a blanket that you can wear out of the house, but that actually looks presentable. Sign me up!


Posted on July 25th, 2014

Va Va Off the shoulder dress, Matiko sandals, Morrison leather bag (similar here and here)

Remember that off the shoulder top I wore earlier in the week? Well as mentioned it was actually a light weight dress that I could easily tuck in to create a top, but as I was wearing it quite frequently throughout my travels, alternating between a top and a dress it has to make the cut as a resort wear essential on its own.

When you travel its all about making the most of the limited luggage space that you have, so finding ways to wear items differently is key and will really test your styling knowhow!



Asos, Nicholas, Raga, Asos, Tbags LA


I've had such an amazing trip to Thailand over the last week and stayed at some of the most breathtaking locations. Here is a quick rundown in case you've been hanging out for some travel advice!

Phuket I had only been to Thailnd once before 6 years ago and went to both Phuket and Koh Samui with some girlfriends. Phuket is more hustle and bustle than the other locations, so if you're into night life and markets this is the one for you. I stayed at Aleenta Phuket Phang Nga Resort and Spa which technically isn't in Phuket but a little north in Phang Nga but still easy enough to head to Patong beach for the day to get your tourist fix.

Krabi I hadn't been to Krabi before and so was really excited to see a new part of Thailand. It made me even more excited that the place we were staying at was only excessible by boat. I like my island holidays more quite and serene, and Krabi definitely delivered! Staying at the incredible Rayavadee which is located on the edge of Krabi's national marine park. There are lots of must sees and do a this spot. One being the hike, or should I say vertical climb up to the viewpoint. Seriously, there are ropes involved! But is SO worth it and makes you feel like you've really achieved something! The other would be afternoon drinks at sunset in the Grotto, a cave overlooking the water the is ridiculously picturesque.

Koh Samui Even though I adored Krabi, I think Koh Samui is still my favourite. I connect Koh Samui with being high up on the hills and being able to see from one side of the island to the next. We stayed and the jaw dropping Samujana villas that are construct as stand along houses on the hills of the north east of the island. This is the ideal spot if you're travelling with a group of friends, couples and family. Koh Samui is a place that you could easily stay for a week as its that beautiful.

A big thank you to Flight Centre Australia for having us onboard this week as our flying sponsor for the trip. I've used Flight Centre on multiple occasions when i've travelled as I'm more of a planner than a spontaneous travel hopper and love that they can coordinate all my flights for me, which can be quite stressful when done on your own and something I try to avoid! For more pictures on the trip check out all of Geneva, Carmen and my images via instagram with the hashtag #flightcentre_thailand


Posted on July 24th, 2014

Marysia swimsuit (also here and here), Isabel Marant etoile skirt, Matiko sandals

The concept of dressing beach to bar is not a new one, but being able to successfully achieve this look is actually a little tricky. They all say to swap your sandals with heels and throw on some statement jewellery, but it reality are you really going to be happy with carrying around a heavy bag all day and worrying that you heels are going to have a life ending collision with your sunscreen?

Instead I recommend embracing the simplicity of holidays. Limit the fuss and and keep your bag as light as possible. This Marysia one piece bikini can turn into the base for a perfect bar look, and going for a wrap around skirt is going to be the easier way to keep this simplicity. In a bikini? Find a cover up that isn’t too sheer. There is a difference from a cover up that allows you to stroll down the street in the day and one that you can wear after the sun goes down.

Instead of heels, pack just a couple of beauty essentials to get rid of that sunscreen shine. Makeup wipes, a little powder and mascara will keep you glowing in the evening.


Posted on July 23rd, 2014

Zimmermann jumpsuit, Le Specs sunglasses*, Givenchy heels

A jumpsuit is a perfect additional to your resort wear suitcase and can be worn with flats during the day or heels at night. You only need to pack one pair of heels, if any, as from experience these are the things that never get worn and they take up too much space in your suitcase.

I am also one to pack a few sunglass options. I think i've actually packed 3-4 pairs on this trip, which now sounds a little over excessive, but sunglasses are the easiest way to change up a look especially when you're working with an edited wardrobe!

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Posted on July 22nd, 2014

Cleobella cover up, Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini (similar), Matiko sandals, ray-ban sunglasses*

A crochet coverup, or any variety of cover ups is one of my top necessities for an island getaway. When you feel covered enough to walk into a few shops or get some lunch straight after a swim is one of the carefree elements a holiday should entail. A simple pair of flats is also crucial. I've basically worn these ones everyday since I got here.

These pictures were taken on the beach at Rayavadee, one of the most breathtaking locations I have ever been lucky enough to stay at. Our villas were hidden away by palms and surrounded by mountainous terrain, you can literally lie in the pool and look up to see green covered peaks. Definitely one to come back to if I have the opportunity again.

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Posted on July 21st, 2014

This week as I’ve been travelling around Thailand I thought it would be fitting to focus on outfits for a week in resort wear. Lets face it, holiday wear usually isn’t your everyday wear, especially when you’re in a climate that is different to home.
This is also going to touch on the different pieces I think of when packing for a trip so you don't get caught out on not having the right clothing for that boat trip or nice dinner.

Today its all the importance of packing a pair of your favourite denim shorts. This time I’m dressing them up with a black top I make-shifted from a dress I packed, but just as easily can be worn with a cotton singlet if you’re off on a walk around the island.

I’m also teaming up with the charity foundation Jeans for Genes day, an organisation that raises funds for research into birth defects and diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, and a range of genetic disorders. So wherever you are on August 1 (national Genes for Jeans day), whether its on an remote island or at work, wear your jeans and donate to help give every child the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

You can donate to the Jeans for Genes foundation here.

Wearing: J Brand denim shorts, Va Va dress as top, Matiko sandals, Ray-ban aviators


Posted on July 19th, 2014

Topshop dress, Mikoh bikini, Grown alchemist body cream*

One of the perks of a tropical holiday is getting that holiday glow. I'm not talking the red lobster kind, but the dewy sun kissed, i've just had the most relaxing time glow, from enjoying new adventures with beautiful people.

Keeping your skin moisturised when travelling is key. I also like to get a faux tan before I head off, as going from winter to summer bikinis can be a little too daunting! It also make you feel comfortable with not laying out in the sun all day to prove to your friends at home that you actually did go on that amazing vacation. To extend the length of your tan, moisturing your skin is crucial. You don't want be the one with a patchy tan! I've been using Grown Alchemist body cream, one of my favourite skin care brands, which is currently having a 25% off sale all weekend.

*Advertorial product