Posted on July 2nd, 2014

To create a fresh and illuminated complection I first use a few drops of Rose hip oil to hydrate my skin, my favourites are by Grown Alchemists, which is also mixed with Camellia seed oil, and Kosmea which is certified organic. Blending in my foundation I add a little illuminator as well (be light here, we'll add more later) so that there is a slight glow to my whole base coverage. After I've done my brows, eyeliner and mascara I finish with illuminator. This is the process I use to apply my makeup, as I like to have the final step being the dewy finish.

You'll only need one drop of the illuminator, less than half of a pea in size. I use my fingers and apply to the where the sun would touch and places you want to highlight. The top of the cheekbones, under the brow, down the nose, cupid bow and forehead. I'll also apply a little bit to my collar bones and on my shoulders if i'm wearing an outfit where these are bare. See face map below if unsure.

Illuminator is one of those products that last forever as the tiniest bit goes a very long way, but it can also completely change your look… for the better. I'm using a cream illuminator for this post, but there is also a stick version and of course a powder. Whichever you use my tip is to start small. Dont go too heavy, otherwise it can look too noticeable. People should look at you and think you've just had a facial or returned from an island getaway.

Wearing dress by ASOS and Illuminator in Hot Sand by Nars