Posted on December 25th, 2013

ASOS dress, Givenchy bag, ASOS heels

There are a few occasions where I desert my black, grey and white rules and pull out a little bit of colour.

A) When i've got a play date with kiddies - children love colour and you want them to love you, so a fun pair of coloured jeans is going to help achieve a smoother transition.
B) Attending a wedding. I feel weird about wearing black, you cant wear white and so it just leaves grey. I've never had to cull my wardrobe options so quickly! Meaning I've had to invest in a few more colourful cocktail dresses for these now almost regular events.
C) Holiday season. Its hard to resist getting into the spirit and donning a little red.

So since it is one of the above please shield your eyes for a moment and excuse me while I get all festive in what you may believe for a moment is one of those $2 canvas bags, but is actually in fact a cute summer dress. Fooled you!

Photos by Ana Suntay-Tanedo