Posted on August 5th, 2013

Adidas t-shirt, Josh Goot skirt, Windsor Smith boots, Proenza Schouler leather jacket (back in stock), Boticca twig ring, MANIAMANIA upper finger ring.

There are certain items we lust after for weeks, months and sometimes years, then as soon as we've decided we're 99% sure we want to commit and make the purchase the size has sold out or the style is gone forever, leaving us searching ebay listings endlessly hoping for it to magically appear. I just saw that my Proenza leather jacket is back in stock. Even though I already made the commitment earlier this year, which finally ended my search for the perfect leather jacket (and perfect it is) I feel its my duty to let you know. Expensive it is, there's not doubt or sugar coating about it, but with a little mathematical breakdown I will try to convince you to at least consider the possibilities!

Lets say you wore this jacket 6 months out of the year (182.5 times) over 5 years (912.5).
Suddenly a $2000 + leather jacket is just $3 per wear! This doesn't even take into consideration outfits that take you from day to night.
Now you're thinking!

Haven't saved enough pennies? No sweat, here's a look for less option because I love you.

Photos by Nicole