Posted on June 6th, 2013

Asos blazer, Asos top, J Brand white boyfriend jeans,Witchery belt, Saint Laurent heels, Swarovski rose gold bracelet

I have to laugh at myself when I see pictures where I have such a serious expression. I don't think i'm actually angry, I think I was looking into the sun... perhaps this was Zanita's trick of creating my blue steel vibe. Nice one Z.

Looking forward to spending a long weekend up in Brisbane to see the family over the next few days. Nothing like home made meals and having some quality couch time... I wonder what mum has taped for me on Foxtel! I'm also in week 1 of my 8 week sugar free diet challenge. I've been dabbling in a sugar free life for the last few months but haven't been entirely strict, and then completely let it all go when I was overseas. So stay tuned to my instagram for some yummy guilt free recipes over the next couple of months, with no fruit platters, macaroons or cupcakes in sight!

Photos by Zanita