Wear A White Shirt

Posted on April 17th, 2013

Witchery White Shirt, leather skirt and ring

I'm very honoured to let you know that I am part of this year's Witchery OCRF White Shirt Campaign, in which Witchery produces a range of specially made white shirts and donates 100% of the gross proceeds to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Being able to share this with you and help to raise awareness and donations to this cause is overwhelming and am truly thankful to the Witchery team for inviting me to take part. Ovarian Cancer currently has no early detection test, and due to the delayed diagnosis it means that the odds aren't in our favour to be able to battle and overcome the disease, and this needs to change.

Buy a white shirt today online or in store and know that 100% of the gross proceeds will go to the OCRF foundation into the research to find an early detection test. You all NEED to own a white shirt anyway and this ones comes absolutely guilt free.

You can also donate directly here.