Posted on March 17th, 2013

Out on a whim I popped into the Belinda store yesterday in Double Bay as I was in the area running errands. Their range is amazing, but lets not get caught up in the details! I had already tried on a pair of Isabel Marant jeans and was ready to splash out, (more on them later) when this Chrisopher Kane flower embossed leather pouch came into my sight.

I had mentioned this guy on my instagram about 6 months ago and hadn't actually seen it in the flesh or anywhere since. Lets just say there was an OH EM GEE moment. I'm also a little bit of a sucker for statement pouches eg. Jil Sander.

Anywho, cutting to the chase I ended up spontaneously purchasing the two of them, an amazing pair of jeans and the flower embossed leather pouch of my dreams! And yes, I haver completely justified to myself and my BF their necessity.

A little birdie also told me this bag is currently available on Matches in the Black AND White!
Please don't hold me accountable for what you do next!