Posted on March 8th, 2013

Madewell boyfriend jeans, Senso heels, Phillip Lim bag from Shopbop , MANIAMANIA necklace, Nick Campbell sunglasses

My boyfriend has made it VERY clear that he hates my boyfriend jeans. I mean, I shouldn't really be surprised, even though they are the most comfortable jeans ever they don't really show off a woman's body, but do you know what, that's exactly why I like them. They actually make me feel empowered! It's so nice not to dress for someone else or in a way to be sexy, and to be able to work a pair of jeans that makes you feel confident and independent is to me the sexiest thing of all.

Any who today is my birthday, which coincidentally enough falls on International Women's Day, so I can pretty much do/wear/say whatever I want... boyfriend jeans, women empowerments and rants included!

Photos by Nicole Cooper