Aje . Shipwrecked

Posted on August 15th, 2012

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Aje Jacket and Skirt, Nick Campbell sunglasses, Country Road plain tee, Tony Bianco heels.

I hope you're all losing your minds over this outfit as much as I am. Aje is the most out of this world brand that is taking Australia by storm. The intricate detailing and luxe materials they use are mind blowing and I knew I had to get up and personal with this sequinned denim jacket and croc embossed leather skirt.

I was also able to have a quick Q&A with Aje designers and business partners Adrian Norris and Edwina Robinson, who are also the loveliest of people. I hope you enjoy they're insight as much as I did.

You showed for the first time at MBFWA this year with your SS 12/13 collection entitled 'A Shipwrecked Ball'. Where did the concept come from?

The concept came from a vision we had of a beautiful sunken shipwreck and of a decadent underwater ball that could take place within its ruins. We became intrigued by the glamour and mystery associated with shipwrecks and of the lives of those now deceased. We wanted to bring some glamour and elegance back into fashion week, so we wanted to transport everyone to this underwater wonderland.

Aje has become a favourite among both Australian and international celebrities, such as Kate Moss and Kim Kardashian. Who has given you the biggest OMG moment?

So far, definitely Kate Moss as she is one of our all time favourite muses. We really admire her sense of style and having her take notice of Aje was a very special moment.

Aje is best known for its sequin embellishments. What started the obsession and why do you continue to use them?

Our obsession with quality of fabrication and design far outweighs a desire to be ‘on trend’. We love using fabrications and embellishments that we believe are luxurious, elegant and wearable. We use a unique sequining technique that is hand crafted and allows a glamorous luxurious aesthetic that is also cool, versatile and effortless. We are very tactile in our choice of fabrications and love the contrast between sequining, superfine leathers, hand-loomed cottons, furs and unusual skins. Our sequined creations seem to attract a lot of attention which is why people associate us with sequining however, our collections comprise of many other elements. As much as the sequined component is a large part of our aesthetic, we don’t want it to define us.

I also heard a rumour you source your sequins in the same factory that Balmain does. True or False?

We do source our sequins in the same factory that Lavin, Armani Privé and Balmain have been know to have pieces made.

Australian designers seem to always work in pairs, what makes this duo work so well?

We can’t speak for other designers, but as far as Adrian and I working together: designing as a duo works in that one gives what the other cannot and it’s really special to have someone to share the process with. If a design duo doesn’t connect properly however, I imagine it is more detrimental than it is advantageous. We are very lucky that we work so well together and always share the same vision even if we sometimes have opposing ways in which to approach it.

What's next for Aje?

We have some really exciting opportunities both nationally and internationally which is amazing. We are embarking on a global fabric safari to source amazing new ‘threads’ for the Aje girl. Think camels, sand dunes, ancient hand looms…sensory overload!