Broome Broome

Posted on July 31st, 2012

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harper and harley, broom, beach_3

Ksubi t-shirt & One Teaspoon shorts

Last week I found myself looking out upon the Indian Ocean on the other side of Australia, Broome. Its actually probably the furthest city, or town is probably a better name for it, away from Sydney I could get and still be in Australia.

I can't say exactly what I was getting up to just yet, but it got me riding camels, getting my feet dirty in the red Australian dirt, watching spectacular sunsets over the ocean and being in 30 degree heat in the middle of winter. I have to say that I have never seen the sea so blue in all my life, or days on end without any clouds... it's honestly mind numbingly beautiful. I always get chills when I fly into Sydney and its gorgeous harbour, but flying into Broome was something else altogether. It makes it obvious why all the most precious pearls are farmed just off its shore.

Enough of my gushing already!