The Unexpected

Posted on May 6th, 2012

Sportmax knit J Brand jeans Silver vintage cuff with Michael Kors watch
Chelsea De Luca cuff Tony Bianco heels Nick Campbell sunglasses Celine bag 

This silver metallic Sportmax knit is one of my favourite pieces I wore during fashion week. It actually came with another underlay to form this double layered look, but when the time came it just wasn't working for me so I improvised and just wore the top layer instead!

That's the best thing about fashion, putting things together to make it work for you.

It was a little unexpected, but that day it was actually beautiful and warm so a little skin on show wasn't so crazy.

Photography by Zanita

MBFWA: Day 5

Posted on May 5th, 2012

MBFWA Day 5...

1) Luckily I managed to find some pieces in my suitcase I hadn't worn yet! The rose gold Mawi jewel bracelet and Benah cuff worked so perfectly together. Along with the fuzzy lovelines of a Furelise vest.

2) Started off with the Suboo show at The Summit.. literally. A 360 degree view of the city is a pretty nice way to watch a parade.

3)For the rest of the day we took it quite easy with a a late breakfast/lunch in Surry Hills.

4) A skcap got me through an afternoon meeting! I thought it was a so funny that they wrote it like this, but it makes perfect sense!

5) How to finish off fashion week? A Burberry party of course! Lucky me got to borrow a gorgeous Camilla and Marc dress that will coming into store in a few months time so keep an eye out for it. I instantly fell in love with its white and mint combo. There will be an outfit post to come that will show it in more detail for you.

That's a wrap!

MBFWA: Day 4

Posted on May 4th, 2012

MBFWA Day 4...

1)I wore a Sportsmax silver metallic knit, J Brand black jeans and a Michael Kors watch strapped over my metallic vintage cuff.
2) Started the day off at a My-Wardrobe breakfast. Meusli, yogurt and fruit never tasted so good!
3) My favorite look from Kahlo's first ever show
4) Shoe snap of Marg and I's heel choices
5) I realized Geneva and I have the mother and daughter version of the Celine bags. Super cute!
6)My IPad finally has a home in my new blush Benah case.
7)My view of my outfit on day 4

Oh Yeah... She Runs

Posted on May 3rd, 2012

Look 1
Camilla and Marc dress, Nike crop top and Nike free 3.0 runners

Look 2
Bluemarine skirt and Nike crop top

Look 3
Shakuhachi leather skirt, Nike crop top and Nike jacket

There has been no better time to infuse sport and fashion and get on board with the sport luxe trend. Whoever would have thought that cropped tops can be worn outside the gym!

In prep for the Nike  She Runs The Night  run tonight, Zanita and I did an impromtu shoot in the hotel corridor.

Tweet me, Facebook me, email me, anything! I'm going to need all your support to get me through.

Its on!