She Runs the Night

Posted on April 4th, 2012

One of the most exciting things to have happened so far with the starting up of FELLT is that we get to take part in some fun custom made advertorials, and who better to kick it off with than Nike!

Marg, Nicole and I all played fitness junkie to Zanita who snapped these athletic pics of us. I was runnning on the spot for a good 40 mins to nail the above! haha. The bright colours are genius, and a great way to incorporate fashion into sport.

It's all to support an amazing event (that i'll also be taking part in) on May 3. She Runs The Night is an event about encouraging girls and women to run safely at night time by running in groups. Did I also mention it's a 13km run?! I've had to increase the training as usually I'm a pilates person who does a moderate level of running, so I might need all your support to get me through this distance!

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