The Right Equipment

Posted on January 17th, 2012

I had drinks with a girlfriend of mine on the weekend and she was wearing the most gorgeous Equipment silk blouse. We then had a discussion about how popular they are and how they fly out the door if they're ever in stores. My one apprehension on price was quickly rejected as apparently "silk shirts should last you forever!" Well forever is a long time but I get her point!!

Shopbop has an amazing range (and at some bargain prices) so I would pop on and have a look! Otherwise you can also look at Farfetch, David Jones, Asos, Net-a-porter.... pretty much everywhere!

1. Python Signature Blouse 2. Daddy Blouse with Poppy Collar 3. Wilder Print Blouse
4. Retro Dot Blouse 5. Earl Buttnon Down 6. Collarless Blouse