Harper and Harley Beauty Bag

Posted on December 29th, 2011

I sometimes get asked what my makeup regime is so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite products.
Foundation:MAC Mineralize Satinfinish with SPF 15.
I like to keep things looking pretty natural and it's important to remember that foundation is meant to even out the skin, not create a new one. I like to mix my foundation with either a moisturizer or a primer. This makes it less heavy, creates a dewy complexion and also makes the foundation last a lot longer.
Powder: MAC Pressed.
This is perfect for taking away the shine, setting my foundation and can be used on it's own if I don't feel like putting a foundation underneath.
Bronzer:Napoleon Bronze Patrol.
I love this because it has bronzer and highlighter swirls through it. So not only can I apply along the cheekbones, but I can get also get a brush and pick up the highlight sections and apply it just below the brow and in the inner corners of the eye to make me look more awake.
Highlighter: Nars illuminator in Copacabana.
This is going to last me a lifetime! Although it can be used straight on the skin, I like to mix it was some moisturizer so can create a more dewy highlighter.
Concealer:YSL touche elcat.If you haven't tried this before - you must try it! changes lives.
Eyeliner:Napoleon Perdis Liquid eyeliner pen.
This is a godsend! I love a liquid liner with a wing as I like to widen my eyes appearance. This eyeliner had a pointed pen shape which makes it so much easier than the normal brush.
Body Moisturiser: KiehlsI love this moisturizer, it keeps my skin refreshed for the whole day.
Lip balm:Maybeline Baby LipsOne of the best lip balms I've tried and it honestly does feel like baby lips after.
Nail Polish. Bloom in Toni.
This colour is great for day to day natural colour. It also dries very quickly which is handy!
Star Product:Nutrimetics Nutri Clear.
This is my secret weapon. If I have a blemish coming through i'l put this on before going to bed, and when I wake up it's gone! so so good.
Hair: Moroccan Oil.
When I had long hair it was so unhealthy, so this time around I'm going to be keeping my ends split free and Moroccan Oil is amazing! It also smells delish!