Labels Who Blog

Posted on June 16th, 2010

Doing some research I'm struggling to find a substantial list of Australian fashion labels who blog.

It actually seems the smaller brands are more on the button with social media, something that has been on the forefront for some time now. This does make some sense, as blogging is a great way to build brand image and engage with a labels audience for free or very little money, the only expense really is time and effort. This is great for smaller brands as they tend not to have the financial resources to pump into pr and marketing, but it's still strange that the larger more household names aren't coming on board as well.

Sure, you can have a great product, have an amazing show at Fashion Week, and have key pieces styled in fashion publications, but unless this is happening each and every week to have your market engage with the brand you may find yourself falling short. Perhaps its just me but I love to know more about the designers, what inspires them, what the collection is about and what they do in the office on a day to day basis. I think designers need to add to their brand beyond the product, as we all know even if we may not like to admit it, clothing is more than just the material and its ability to cover the body, its about the emotional connection and how it makes us feel.

By creating a stronger connection with a designer, customers are more likely to become loyal and come back season after season, will tell their friends about how much they love the brand and this all ends in the brand increasing their sales and making more money... so really whats to lose Australian fashion designers? GET BLOGGING!

If you know of any great fashion label blogs let me know!