Rafw - Day 1

Posted on May 3rd, 2010

Carly Hunte


I had butterflies in my stomach this morning as I jumped on a plane down to Sydney for the first day of RAFW. I made it in time to catch the Women’s Wear show #1 show featuring Uscari, Carly Hunte, Story by Tang and Guanabana. The first thing I’m always drawn to in the accessories, hair and makeup. This group collection went back to the front side braid, but this time with a twist of bringing it into a knot on the side of the head. This look went perfectly with Uscari’s collection which used lots of knotted rope details. I really loved Carly Hunte’s shear polka dot fabric, especially for the leggings. Again we see lots of whites, creams and nudes in our summer colour pallet, with a splash of ocean blue. Just a little negativity was the use of pipe cleaners as head and arm pieces in the Guanabana segment... great concept, just needed better execution.

Tallulah at Stolen Girlfriends Club

Later, after enjoying some drinks looking over the Sydney Harbour and the Opera House (I know, I know, amazing!) we headed to the Stolen Girlfriends Club show in a warehouse in Alexandria. Tallulah opened the show, and I was really excited when I spotted Zippora walking as well. As little as she is she ooses coolness, perfect for the street cred SGC tries to create.

trends: Bandana headbands, random plaits through hair, white and orange snakes skin, nude velvet.

Spotted: Style Bubble outside the Womens Wear show, Mark the Cobra Snake at the Stolen Girlfriends Club show.