Nw - Mr Paparazzi

Posted on February 5th, 2010

I've been tagged by the lovely team at Pedestrian to answer the following questions and tag three more of my favourite bloggers, all for the awesome cause of NW Magazine and their new Mr Paparazzi. I tag :

  1. SRC783
  2. Birdy & Me
  3. Annieemal

What is the most worn item of clothing in your wardrobe? I have these super comfy Sass & Bide denim shorts that are about five years old now. They were originally jeans for maybe two of those years untill they got the chop. I'm actually wearing them right now...
It’s Oscar night and you can be dressed by any designer, who would you choose?For the Oscars I'd go for an Elie Saab for sure. Its a night where you should be looking like a princess, and the detail that goes into his dresses is to die for.

What trend are you tired of?
The whole 'festival fashion' dressing when you're not actually going to a music festival is starting to really frustrate me. One time i was walking behind a girl who decided it was a great idea to wear those cheeky denim shorts in the middle of Brisbane city - you know the ones when your butt cheeks are actually hanging out from under the shorts... i wasn't impressed.

If you could give any celebrity a makeover, who would it be? Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen needs to seriously clean up her look. She use to have such pretty hair. And yes i know she's in a band, blah blah blah, but that doesn't mean she should be looking like trash.
Who is your celebrity style icon and why? I still turn to the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for a little inspiration. Especially the way they accessories. They taught me that one ring is never enough.

photo source: olsens anonymous