10 Random Things

Posted on August 23rd, 2009


I've been tagged by the lovely Natasha from natasha ssoiree and so i get to write 10 random things about me. I've never done this before so its sorta fun.

1. im scared of dinosaurs - i saw jurassic park when i was way too young
2. i refuse to wear earings.. i think they make me look fat (if anyone else understands what i mean by this let me know haha)
3. i crave milk after sushi
4. i use to play sailor moon when i was little, but i always had to be sailor mars because im brunette
5. i eat sushi at least 4 times a week.. sometimes twice a day
6. im anti princess bride.. no puffy dress for me
7. i like having a million things to do
8. i love hugs
9. ive never smoked in my lifeee
10. i have realllllly cold hands

that was harder than i thought haha

i'm meant to tag 10.. but i'm only tagging 5 because im that lazy right now

- Leflassh
- tobacco and leather
- pistolwhipped
- oh so hip it hurts
- unsigned works